Win As One

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Dear FYF Families,
We hope all of you, your families and friends are well during this unprecedented time.  We wanted to update you on decisions made regarding our Spring Flag program.  As some of you may have heard, the Parks and Rec department have officially closed all town fields for all sports through the end of May.
Previously, we had hoped to still be able to complete the flag spring program using May and June to finish the planned 8 weeks but will now be unable to do so.  Sadly, Spring Flag is cancelled.
This week the Board had long discussions of what action to take regarding the funds raised by your registration.  FYF is a unique league in that there are a lot of costs and expenses throughout the year.  Historically we have worked to ensure we do not have a large reserve, instead pouring money back into program in forms of newer equipment, lights and game experience while keeping costs low.
Each season we purchase equipment, which we professionally clean and recondition (even our soft flag football helmets are professionally cleaned and reconditioned!). In addition, we purchase insurance and storage space to house the equipment. The Covid-19 interruption took us - like many businesses, families and organizations - by surprise. At this point in the league year, we had already ordered this season's equipment and paid for the normal run costs.
Even with this outlay of capital we came to the determination that FYF will Credit the FULL $150 for all families to a future FYF fall 2020 or Spring 2021 program. 
Because we are a non-profit, we have had a few families reach out already and have made the decision to donate their spring fees to the league.  We greatly appreciate that level of support from our FYF family.  We also know these are difficult times for our neighbors so if you choose to donate the fee, rather than receive the credit we will be forwarding $50 of the $150 per child to Operation Hope and their food bank.  If you’d like to support FYF and OH with that option, here is a link, you simply need to click and type the Players name.
Spring Modified/Tackle Clinic Update:
To reiterate a previous email to those registered, we are still keeping the Spring Modified/Tackle Clinic as "Open" because we think there IS a chance to run this through June/early July and still have a great impact.  So at this point that should still be considered a GO. 
It is our intention to open Fall Registration on May 1st and when you register the credit from Spring will automatically be applied.  Please reach out with any questions!
On behalf of the FYF Board we appreciate your continued support and hope to see you out on the field come August.  Stay safe, healthy, and 6 feet apart and keep throwing footballs around the yard or street!!!
Brendan Sullivan
President Fairfield Youth Football and Cheer